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Precision Tip Glue Application Bottle

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Be Createful Precision Tip Glue Bottles are the perfect addition to use with our Supertite Glue products.
  • Package contains 1 Translucent Precision Tip Glue Bottle.
  • Product capacity about 1 ounce.
  • Made of high-quality LDPE plastic, BPA free.
  • Can be used to dispense and store most liquids.
  • Great for glue, solvents, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarettes oil, eye drops, saline, etc.
  • Easy to squeeze, fine point tip for precise filling, snaps into place for a leak-free assembly.
  • Needle tip design: The top of the bottle is a steel needle with a fine tip that is ideal for applying precise glue for hand setting rhinestones and embellishments, quilling, spotting, handicrafts and other items that require droplets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Crystal C.

Lovely rhinestones and glue holders.

Diana L.

This is by far the best Glue Bottle. I tried so many and it would always dry and I would struggle but these are just perfet.

Adriana H.

Awesome! works perfect

Paige W.

Love these little applicator bottles. Makes applying the glue in just the right amount easy peasy.

Tracie D.

Nice tool..very easy to use. I will be buying more

Adina M.

Love it! Has a cap which is super convenient! Also doesn’t take an ungodly amount of pressure to get the glue out.

Lisa M.

Love this bottle to get the right amount of glue and not to much.

Sujuan P.

Love this! Really helps with glue control and not making a mess

Angee G.
The Precision Tip glue bottle

The bottle allowed me to created the best tumbler. With this being my first time creating a tumbler the use of the tip kept the waste to a minimum. I will definitely purchase again.

KeisKeis R.
Glue application

Lobe the way its glides not alot of excess glue used on projects