What does AB rhinestone mean?


What does AB mean?


What Does AB Mean in Reference to Rhinestones?

When browsing rhinestones, it's highly probable you encountered the term "AB" and wondered what it means.  AB stands for "Aurora Borealis," which refers to a special iridescent coating applied to rhinestones. This coating creates a mesmerizing rainbow effect that shimmers and changes color depending on the light. Imagine a million tiny, microscopic flakes of glass dancing on the surface of a rhinestone, catching and reflecting light in every direction. A beautiful array of ever-changing blues, greens, pinks, and violets create a dazzling display of color. 
The most popular AB rhinestones are Crystal AB rhinestones.

How AB Rhinestones Are Made

The AB coating on these types of rhinestones is achieved through a process called vacuum metal deposition. A thin layer of metal, typically aluminum or titanium, is vaporized in a vacuum chamber and then allowed to condense onto the surface of the rhinestones, thus creating the AB rhinestone's mesmerizing appeal. This creates a microscopic film that diffracts light, causing a rainbow-like appearance.

The Versatility of AB Rhinestones

AB rhinestones are incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Fashion: Rhinestone jeans, dresses, bags, shoes, and hats all come alive with the addition of AB rhinestones. They can be used to create eye-catching patterns, add dimension to textures, or simply provide a touch of glamour. The AB coating is particularly popular for the extra sparkle and glimmer.

  • Costume Design: AB rhinestones are a staple in the world of costumes, especially for dance, theater, and performance. The allure of AB rhinestones help costumes catch the light and create a genuinely captivating onstage presence.

  • Tumblers: AB Rhinestones create a beautiful base or accent color when making rhinestone tumblers. The tumblers will have an extra sparkle because of the AB rhinestones.
  • Home Décor: From picture frames and vases to furniture and lighting, AB rhinestones can add a touch of whimsy and sparkle to any home décor project, creating a sense of allure.

  • Jewelry: AB rhinestones add a touch of magic to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. They can be used as the main focal point or as an accent to other stones and metals.

Caring for Your AB Rhinestones

AB rhinestones, with their unique coating, are durable and will last when cared for properly. It is important to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives when cleaning them as the coating can become damaged or scratched.

Final Thoughts on AB Rhinestones

Be Createful carries dozens of AB options - just type "AB" in our search and choose from Hotfix, Flatback, Sew On, Rhinestone Sheets, Hoodie Strings, and more!  AB rhinestones are a unique and beautiful way to add sparkle and dimension to any project. With their iridescent shine and endless possibilities, they're sure to add a touch of magic wherever they go. So next time you see "AB" on a pack of rhinestones, don't hesitate to grab them and unleash your creativity!

I hope this blog post has helped you understand what AB means in reference to rhinestones.
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