Our Story

The name, BeCreateful, comes from the words Be Creative + Be Grateful. This site has become a designer’s workshop, where you can access supplies and design templates to work through ideas, experiment, discover, solve problems, learn techniques, and create anything imaginable. 

Our Team  Be Createful 

Annette Coyle-started a small craft business featuring unique customized items in 2007. Her goal was to provide quality products at affordable prices.  It didn't take long before she became frustrated with the lack of consistent quality in the Rhinestones she was purchasing. When she was able to find high quality stones, the pricing was not feasible for her to purchase, so she set out to find a solution.    

Annette spent the next 2 years importing, researching and testing Rhinestones from all over the World. She learned everything she could about how they are made, rated, priced and sold.  Her focus never wavered from finding the best quality rhinestones or her goal of making them affordable to her customers.  After finding the most beautiful stones, she negotiated pricing and began importing them for her craft business.  Soon others noticed the quality and asked if she would sell them.  In February 2011 she officially opened Be Createful and it has grown to her full-time passion.  

“Our goal is to provide you with the same high quality stones I demand for myself and my customers.”  

Annette has 2 sons and a daughter.  Each of her sons have given her a beautiful grand daughter making her a very proud "Glam-ma"! She is also happily married to her amazing supportive husband.