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Be Createful

SLIM GEM Bling Pen Replacement Tips

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Be Createful Slim Gem Rhinestone bling pen replacement tips are a must-have when hand placing rhinestones. The perfect tool that aids in gluing and placing small craft items such as rhinestones, crystals, gemstones, sequins, and more. Little to no residue.


What is a gross?

gross refers to a group of 144 items

(a dozen dozen or a square dozen, 122)

1 Gross of rhinestones =144 stones

10 Gross = 1,440 stones

25 Gross = 3,600 stones

50 Gross = 7,200 stones

125 Gross = 18,000 stones

250 Gross = 36,000 stones

Rhinestone Sizes

Rhinestone Sizes

What does AB mean?

The AB next to the rhinestone color stands for Aurora Borealis, named after the lovely  Northern Lights. Its beautiful array of ever-changing blues, greens, reds, and violets create a dazzling display on the horizon. The same shimmering rainbows of color can also be seen on stones with the AB coating. Its  appearance will change subtly depending on the surface  it sits on and the angle from which you see it.

Hotfix vs. Flatback Rhinestones

Hotfix Rhinestones - are ideally used for garments. They have a glue disk on the back of the rhinestone that when heat is applied the glue melts into the fibers of garments. We suggest applying your rhinestones at 325 for 15 seconds, cool peel and press again for 5-10 seconds.  The 2nd press sets the stones and helps remove any lifting that may happen when removing the sticky transfer tape. This will ensure your Be Createful rhinestones will adhere to your product for years to come. 

Flatback Rhinestones - are used for handplacing projects like tumblers, costumers, shoes and other items. Flatback rhinestones require an adhesive, like SuperTite, Liquid Fusion, or GemTec be applied so the stones will adhere to your finished product. Quality flatback rhinestones have a thin silver backing with the exception of transparent stones.  Transparent stones do not have a backing so the color below the stone can be seen.


We take pride in providing fast shipping to our customers. Orders are shipped on the same or next business day. Once your order is shipped you will receive and email or text with tracking information. You can also find information relating to your order and shipping on our website under your account. Be Createful is centrally located in Kansas so most shipments are delivered within 2-3 business days. Please note that regardless of how quick we ship all shipping suppliers are experiencing delays.

Notes and Disclaimers

Notes and Disclaimers

*All stones are packaged by weight therefore the actual stone count can vary per bag. 

**AB and Metallic products have coatings applied over the product to achieve their unique color. Products with these coatings can show wear or chip over time with handing or use. 

***Rhinestones are created from color lots. Color lots are also used for products like material, yarn, tile, paint, and many other items. Slight differences in time, temperature, humidity, and other factors can result in different shades of the same color. We work closely with our manufacturer to keep our colors consistent, but there can be slight color differences as each batch of the same color is made.

****We do our best to provide images that represent the most accurate product colors. Due to screen variations for computer monitors, phones, and tablets, colors may appear different depending on the device you view the images on.  

****Our low-lead stones have been tested by the manufacturer and are found to meet federal requirements of containing less than 100ppm lead count. The PPM is based solely on the manufacturer’s testing and official test results can be provided per request. Be Createful has not tested the rhinestones. 

*****Small items such as rhinestones and pearls are a choking hazard to children and pets. Do not allow children or pets to play with rhinestones. Additionally, new “Lead Laws’ advise rhinestones may be unsafe for children 12 and under and should not be used to decorate garments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Slim pick up breaks

This is myv2nd slim pickup that broke on 1st use

Victoria M.

i love these they are just the right size for the smaller rhinestones

KImberly B.
Slim Gem Pen Replacement

I actually ordered the wrong replacement so I guess I need to order the pen that goes with it since I cannot return it.

Monica S.

Highly recommend

i just LOVE these

the black ones are my absolute favorite they pick up and released so well! they make my job a whole lot faster!

love at first site lol, i mean sight.

so my 1st pen was off of amazon they were pretty good then i checked out the crystal ninja i found at hobby lobby and the materials just didnt seem worth the price. a few weeks ago i stumbled across these buties. i really liked the way they looked and then the price was unbeatable. i know they probably dont coast much to make but if they last then hey im cool with 5 bucks a pen and a buck each replacement. now i do have to say i do like the black replacement more than the white bc they seem stronger, more firm the whites are good they will break if you are too heavy handed. and i a very heavy handed i have 3 toddler boys and nothing around me is gental except my pateince, but this these pens and great they are by far my favriotes. i probably wont have an intrest to even try another bc i like them so much i like the double ended caps and i like the thinness of them they are a little more wide than a pencil the weight of them is good not heavy but it makes them comfortable in my hand. i like working with tools that have a little weight to them, this is just an over all good tool i have no complains. oh and they stick really well when picking up stones but not too much. i give the black pen a 10 for 10 and the white pen a 9 for 10 and i havnt tried the pink but i plan to order one now just to see. thank you becreatful. i wanted to give a pcitue but my camera isnt working right now but i truly like this company alot its def worth a try.

K B.
great product

I needed extra tips for my rhinestones craft these are great to keep on hand

Anne M.
Love this website

Best quality. Pen tips last and bring no damages to stones. Game changer!

Raine R.

I love the idea of not having to buy a whole new pen again, just pop on one of these replacements and go!

Yvette N.

They broke the 1st time I used it down to the metal screw. I had to melt it back together to try to use it. It's very weak sine the pen is so short to use. It has the appearance as it's a large pen but it's not. You take off the covers and that's when you see it doesn't quite fit in your hand. Don't waste your money.

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Based on 11002 reviews

Awesome sparkle!


Every time I shops I get quality product for great price. Most of my stones come from here and the client love the finish product. So much sparkle!!!!!


Beautiful stones for a great price and shipped fast!

Love love love.

These are so bright and look amazing onstage. I love to Mix these with the red Siam for a super sparkle look


The rhinestones are beautiful and get to me quick. Without damage and the box unopened by my mailman.

Fast and efficient

I was so pleased to receive my order so quickly. I am o e happy customer!

Crayon Pen Rhinestones Template

I love love love my Bling Boxes and this one was sooo much fun to do !! Thank you so much for the template!

Absolutely gorgeous

The best

I love ever order i get. Never disappointed


Very satisfied. Thank you.

Satisfied with product

Great quality.

For a black stone. These are by far the most sparkly that I have seen. They glisten so pretty.

Great product ! Stones are so sparkly! Loved them.

These are always so pretty and perfect.

Perfect for my project

These stones are beautiful and we’re the perfect color for my project

Glad to purchase

Glad to know it's being offered now. One less thing to stress about

Very pretty !I have a lot of ideas for these rhinestones. I really love the color shift.

Beautiful as always

Fast shipping -package perfect - beautiful stones

Love it here

I'm always so happy with my fact I need to put in another order right after this review..I wish they had transparent mermaid tears though.

Flatback Foil Jet AB Glass Rhinestones

Gorgeous color

SUCH a pretty color, tons of shine. Perfect!


Bright stones and fast delivery.

So cute & convenient!

I love these cute heart shaped rhinestone trays!! When working on a project it allows me to separate my stone sizes and when I need to take a break I can put the top on the trays and not worry about spilling rhinestones!!