Rhinestone Pressing Guidelines

The following are guidelines - we recommend that you test with your particular heat press and made adjustments as needed.

  • Temperature:  335 degrees
  • Pressure:  Medium to Firm
  • Time:  15 seconds (This time may vary between 10-15 seconds)
  • Peel carrier sheet:  Cool
Pre-press your garment for 5 seconds - this removes wrinkles and moisture.

Make sure all the rhinestones are in their proper place and turned right side up (some may shift during shipping or while handling them).  You can easily move or turn them on the clear carrier sheet.

Carefully peel the white backing from your transfer.

Place the design, so the rhinestones are facing up, on the shirt. Be careful, if you need to move or adjust the design, as this can cause the rhinestones to come off of the transfer sheet - if that happens carefully lift the transfer off the shirt and place the rhinestones back into position.  
Double check that the design is centered, level, and positioned correctly on the shirt (mistakes can happen and you don't want your design to be upside down).  
Place a Teflon sheet over the shirt to help protect against heat marks.  

For thin or sheer garments, place a teflon sheet or a piece of unwaxed parchment/butcher paper inside the shirt, under the design area, before pressing. This will avoid the possibility of the glue from the stones bleeding through the front of the garment to the back and the front and back getting stuck (glued) together. If that happens, just pull front and back apart while the shirt is hot.
Press for 15 seconds.
Turn your item over to the back side and Press for 5 seconds.  This helps really set the glue.
Allow the transfer to cool - it should feel cool to the touch.  Peel off the transfer paper, with a smooth and even peel going with the grain of the garment.  The less the garment stretches, the better the final product will look.

If your garment is "glued" together then just quickly run your hand between the front and back while it's still warm.
Though we do NOT recommend using a home iron for rhinestone transfers, we know sometimes you just have to use the resources you have.
  • Temperature:  Highest non-steam setting - usually Wool setting
  • Pressure:  Firm - keeping the iron in one place - do not move the iron as it will cause the rhinestones to shift.
  • Time:  40-45 seconds
  • No Steam!  
  • Peel carrier sheet:  Cool
Follow the rest of the instructions under Heat Press Guidelines.
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