How to bling the toe of a shoe


What you will need:
1. Flatback rhinestones NON-HOTFIX The number of rhinestones needed is determined by the size of your shoe and the rhinestone size you are using.  Having more than one size of rhinestone provides a more complete coverage appearance.  Most adult shoes using SS16 stones use around 200 rhinestones so a 10 gross package will cover several projects.
2. Rhinestone Pencil: We love the Crystal Katana. The Katana increases speed and accuracy when applying rhinestones a less expensive option would be a wax rhinestone pencil.
3. Sand Paper / Emery board: You will either require a small piece of fine sandpaper or an emery board to rough up the toe to allow the rhinestones to adhere to the rubber.
4. e6000 Glue: An industrial strength glue that’s flexible, waterproof and clear. Used in a well-ventilated area with a mask for protection from the harmful fumes. 
5. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol): Used for degreasing a surface by removing any traces of oil and grease and dries very quickly.
6. Several cotton swabs to remove any excess glue.
Which adhesive to use?
When hand placing rhinestones to rubber we suggest e6000. There are a few other adhesives that work well on the cloth portion like Triple Threat Glue or Gemtec. and e6000 both of which provide a strong bond when the surface is prepared correctly.
Maka a Mistake?
If you accidentally make a mistake and need to remove excess adhesive or replace rhinestones, acetone-based nail polish remover works great.  Use the tip of a cotton swab and the acetone sparingly to remove excess adhesive. Using small amounts of acetone on the cotton swab lightly rub in a circular motion on the top of your rhinestones, careful not to touch any of the glue between the crystals. Then wipe with a cotton cloth.
Preparing your shoe
1. Use your sandpaper/Emery to roughen it the toe of your shoe. A well-prepared surface allows rhinestones to adhere much better.
2. Clean the toe with Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a dust free cloth.
Adding the rhinestones
1.  Starting on one corner apply a small amount of E6000 about the width of your rhinestones.  Continue this adding your adhesive staying close to the edge about 1/4 of the way around the toe.  
2. Using your rhinestone pencil or Crystal Katana start applying your rhinestones by gently tapping the top of a rhinestone to pick up a crystal. Once you have your rhinestone on your pencil place it in the corner edge of your toe.  
3. Continue placing a single row of rhinestones on the e6000 you have applied.  Once you have the rhinestones placed go back and apply a little firmer pressure and make sure they are positioned correctly. 
4. Continue your thin strip of e6000 and repeat step 3 until you reach the opposite corner of your shoe.  Congrats!  You've completed your first row!
5. Row 2 runs across the top of your toe.  Apply your e6000 as in step 3 across the top for a clean outline of your area.  
6. Start your 3rd row and continue adding additional rows of rhinestones until the area is completely covered. Having a few smaller sized rhinestones provides coverage in areas where the larger ones won't fit.  
7. Let the glue and rhinestones set up for 30 minutes then gently clean the rhinestones with a dust and lint-free cloth removing any wax residue or residual glue from the surface of your rhinestones. This is also a good time to check all rhinestones are sitting firmly on the shoe. 
8. Repeat this pattern on your other shoe.  
9.  Allow both shoes to set 48 hours prior to being worn to allow the e6000 time to fully cure.  
10. Enjoy!!!!!!
We do not recommend using hotfix rhinestones with any adhesive as the glue may react with the adhesive disc of a hotfix rhinestone, and the rhinestones would fall off.


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