Supertite Multi-Grab 350 Adhesive Glue

Supertite MULTI-GRAB 360 Glue 60ML #1139

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Supertite Multi-Grab 360 Glue Dries Clear, Non-Toxic, Permanent, Acid-Free, Low Odor, and Water Resistant. Supertite glue won’t harden or dry out in the tube, bottle or syringe. 

Recommended on: Metal, Crystals, Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Plastics (flexible and Rigid), Fabric/Textiles, Wood, and Paper. Passes the E.U. Chemical safety regulations (REACH) for consumer use! Cancer Warning-free labels. Other Solvent-based glues in the USA cannot claim that!!!  

Instructions: Begin by applying a small amount (less is more) to your base. Allow the glue 2 minutes of open air prior to placing your stones. This allows the glue to set up and helps create a bond much stronger. Test a small area prior to bonding.      
48 hour cure time to ensure your finished product is waterproof.

Customer Reviews

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Angela H.

Works well, but does come out of the tube quickly. Thankfully, the clean up is fairly easy; and it does not have a super strong smell.

Barsha M.

Fast shipping, Great product

Rena D.

Awesome Customer Service

Charlene M.

Love everything I get from Be Createful. Always good quality, fast shipping...good customer service...rhinestones are beautiful colors.

Judith B.

Amazingly fast delivery. All items ordered were shipped. I can’t wait to try the Supertite Glue. I will certainly be using this company again!!!

Lori K.

Fast and beautiful stones!!! Great adhesive

Jackie C.

Thank you for a great product, This product was hard to find, but I have been able to find so much with your company. Thank You!

Lauren P.

Best glue hands down for any project!

Alisa B.
Tried for the first

This was my first time trying Supertite, it's not sold in Canada. I like the fact that I can put it into a syringe or bottle and it doesnt dry up but tbh I prefer something more stickier...I'll still use supertite on my projects. One last thing I like about it that it doesn't have strong odour

Marnise S.

I always have a great experience ordering from here. I love the quality of the stones along with the fast shipping time. Keep up the great work!!!