Supertite Multi-Grab 350 Adhesive Glue

Supertite MULTI-GRAB 360 Glue 60ML #1139

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Supertite Multi-Grab 360 Glue Dries Clear, Non-Toxic, Permanent, Acid-Free, Low Odor, and Water Resistant. Supertite glue won’t harden or dry out in the tube, bottle or syringe. 

Recommended on: Metal, Crystals, Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Plastics (flexible and Rigid), Fabric/Textiles, Wood, and Paper. Passes the E.U. Chemical safety regulations (REACH) for consumer use! Cancer Warning-free labels. Other Solvent-based glues in the USA cannot claim that!!!  

Instructions: Begin by applying a small amount (less is more) to your base. Allow the glue 2 minutes of open air prior to placing your stones. This allows the glue to set up and helps create a bond much stronger. Test a small area prior to bonding.      
48 hour cure time to ensure your finished product is waterproof.