BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones
BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones
BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones
BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones
BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones
BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones
BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones
BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones

BULK Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones

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Be Createful Flatback Cobalt Glass Rhinestones are high-quality glass Rhinestones that provide intense sparkle and refraction.
Perfect for embellishing all your apparel and craft projects.
Stunning High-Quality Foil Flatback Rhinestones at Wholesale Prices.
We suggest applying our Flatback rhinestones with Supertite adhesives
Notes and Disclaimers
*All stones are packaged by weight therefore the actual stone count can vary per bag. 
**AB and Metallic products have coatings applied over the product to achieve their unique color. Products with these coatings can show wear or chip over time with handing or use. 
***Rhinestones are created from color lots. Color lots are also used for products like material, yarn, tile, paint and many other items. Slight differences in time, temperature, humidity, and other factors can result in different shades of the same color. We work closely with our manufacturer to keep our colors consistent, but there can be slight color differences as each batch of the same color is made.
****We do our best to provide images that represent the most accurate product colors. Due to screen variations for computer monitors, phones and tablets, colors may appear different depending on the device you view the images on.  
****Our low-lead stones have been tested by the manufacturer and are found to meet federal requirements of containing less than 100ppm lead count. The PPM is based solely on the manufacturer’s testing and official test results can be provided per request. Be Createful has not tested the rhinestones. 
*****Small items such as rhinestones and pearls are a choking hazard to children and pets. Do not allow children or pets to play with rhinestones. Additionally, new “Lead Laws’ advise rhinestones may be unsafe for children 12 and under and should not be used to decorate garments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patricia B.

I love blue so getting this cobalt blue with the beautiful shine is amazing. I hope to be able to get every color Be Createful has. Beautiful rhinestones.

Victoria M.

This has become my favorite color stone it's so beautiful


My order came so quickly and the stones are so beautiful. I’m in Awe!!! Be Creatful you’re GREAT!!

Rich G.

First of all this cobalt blue is such a rich and vibrant blue color. The quality of the rhinestones and how much they reflect the light and sparkle is amazing. But more amazing than all of that is the level of support I received from BeCreateful and Annette when I set off on my ambitious project for a public art exhibit - having never done anything like this before! I can not thank you enough!

Gloria V.

Great quality!

Dora L.



So lets see I purchase the product on Dec 4th and now Dec 13th still no product sat on hold for almost 2hrs with USPS to be told in route and to have Be Createful to tell me still in Distribution Center. Either way lot of hard earned money to still this day have it saying that it is "Ready to Ship" a Pre Shipment Info sent and they are awaiting the item. So that tells me they do not have the package yet but everyone says different either way, first time customer and last time customer. Lovely you ask me for a review and I do not even have my product maybe you should of turned off the auto review to customers if you know these are issues right now according to what you have now told me 2x that I have called your facility. So who knows when my product will ever come if ever at all. They have till the 21st and then Be Createful will be refunding me my money. Can only blame the USPS for so long. If you know it is an issue with them then use UPS or FedEx instead of losing customers.